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 Three stupid debates that nobody commented on (12)

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I thought that that these are so bad that they may be good... you know ;)

No one commented because you have to be part of your community to do so.

Are you saying that you are not able to join the JADED community or that you are not willing to join the JADED community?

I'm a part of his community - what would be wrong if others joined?

Nothing would be wrong, I'm just saying that that's probably the reason. If you limit the people that can participate less will.

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The one about thought processes would be interesting but you put "Yes chemicals" and "No Im in control" as the sides. I think that they're caused by chemicals and a bunch of other things, and you can be in control of your chemicals or thought processes... so I don't really want to get into it.

The one about fear and respect, it's situational. Then, the one about which name is more descriptive, I don't see a purpose it debating this.

Which is probably why no one will comment on them this time around either ;)