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We need more choices That one choice is enough
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To have, or not to have, unprotected sex is not enough of a reproductive choice.

We need to add more reproductive choices, like abortion.

We need more choices

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That one choice is enough

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Rape happens.

Incest happens.

Domestic violence happens -- in fact, studies indicate that abuse often intensifies during pregnancy, and that the announcement of an unplanned pregnancy often precipitates a severe beating or even the murder of the woman at the hands of an abusive partner.

Women make up 70% of the poor and are uniquely suceptible both to sexual violence and to sexual exploitation.

Our cultural glorification of sex influences teenagers to make incredibly unintelligent choices.

Birth control fails.

Pregnancy itself still carries a myriad of potential complications, many of which can pose serious threats to the health or life of the pregnant woman.

Fetal development does not always proceed uniformly or well; the fetus may suffer from incorrectable and dehabilitating medical conditions that would condemn it to a life of suffering and condemn its parents to poverty in attempting to provide for its needs.

When all those problems are solved, perhaps I will agree that "to have, or not to have unprotected sex is enough of a reproductive choice." Until those problems are solved, it's clearly not.

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I wish the Dad was given a choice. After all, half his DNA is being aborted. I think a woman would balk at having to take the pregnancy to term and give the child up to the father who petitioned the court for the child. But giving the woman sole decision on the issue doesn't feel right.

Side: We need more choices
wacko(114) Disputed
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I understand how you feel, but no-one should be given the legal power over some one elses body. Look at the complications it would cause. Single men wanting to be fathers would be tricking women into pregnancies by splitting the condom, force her legally to not abort the child, and then get custody. Then what happens if it's not all it cracked up to be. She gets to be the single parent of a forced pregnancy that she would have aborted. Not a happy scenario for anyone concerned, especially the baby. Not to mention, they call forced sex rape. What would you call a forced pregnancy.

Side: That one choice is enough
xander(438) Disputed
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Hold the phone here. Are you saying that a woman needs permission to abort a child? That's ridiculously unfair. What if it's the product of a one-night-stand? What if she can't find the father, or doesn't know who the father is? Then can she just not abort, because she doesn't know? If the mother and father are in a close enough relationship, then she should be able to make the decision with him. However, if she's not close enough to include him in that decision, then they aren't close enough for him to force her to carry a child for nine months, along with all the social stigma attached to it.

Side: We need more choices

What kind of choices do you wish were in place Joe? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Side: We need more choices

Well, here's the issue....

You can chose to have protected or unprotected sex but if you screw that up you can chose to have an abortion or give the child up for adoption. Now, if you screw that up by deciding to raise the child (but you are not financially capable of doing that) you can chose to have the state pay (or have the state force the father to pay) the cost of raising that child. See? It's not enough to have one choice... women need a multitude of choices in case they make the wrong choice. ;)

Side: We need more choices
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What do you mean 'add'? Abortion exists and has been legal for years.

I agree that rape and incest aren't a choice. However the child didn't choose to be made either. If you were to kill every person who wasn't planned for and wanted at the time of conception, I would be dead.

Thanks for that.

Side: That one choice is enough

To have, or not to have, unprotected sex... that is the question. For it is nobler to make a conscious decision to conceive, or not to conceive, than it is to wing it, hope for the best and know that you can always count on an abortion if things don't pan out. ;)

Side: That one choice is enough