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Sure, why not Wait..., what, no!
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Unwanted, inconvenient people should be allowed to die.

OK, what I really mean is that unawanted, inconvenient people should be forced to die but that is just not politically correct.  I mean, too many people would find that unpalatable so we need to use a nicer word.

Now this is an idea whose time has come.  Think about it, we already have a precedent; abortion.  Think of a fetus as someone who is hooked up to a life support system; his mother.  Now, his mother doesn't want him because he's an inconvenience so she opts to pull the plug and thus allows the fetus to die.

Well...., same thing with the starving people in Africa.  Their food supply is their life support system.  They are unwanted because if they were wanted they would be living with someone who could take care of them.  Oh sure, people send food stuff and pay $10 a month or something but that's just because the inconvenient commercials make them feel guilty.  So we should just pull the plug on them.

Then there are the baby boomers.  There are more of them than there are workers to support them.  Do you want to have to bathe an old person and wipe their butt?  Probably not.  So they too are unwanted and definately an inconvenience.  So we ought to pull the plug on them too and save the economy.  BTW, this will also help with global warming and rush hour traffic.  Who wants all these old people driving other people crazy when they leave their left turn blinker on for miles and miles and miles?

So that's my modest proposal in a nut shell.  What do you think?

Sure, why not

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Wait..., what, no!

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look at this thing

some people in this world are only living 'coz it is illegal to shoot them

so even if we wanna the government blocks the way

so you cant shoot them

finally if i got a chance ill surely shoot

think you got your reply

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Let's start with my most unwanted internet chum, joecavalry. I find his remarks to be unwanted, his inability to accept facts inconvenient (especially given his ability to vote).

Side: Sure, why not
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This has been the theme of many a movie and novel, though presented in more covert ways and people are no longer shocked by the unveiling of such an idea.

There are things to do which the brain tells you to do, and there are things to do when the heart tells you to do. What is always beautiful is when you do what your heart tells you to do.

This idea that unwanted and inconvenient people should be allowed to die is something that the brains of people want done. It is not beautiful.

Have you seen the happiness in the face of some orphaned and hungry kid who receives something to eat ? something to remove the pain ? A hug ? That happiness makes life worth living for all !

No way ! If you got a problem with unwanted and unconvenient people, you got a problem, not them. Leave them to solve their problem, if you can't help them becoming wanted and convenient !

Side: NO WAY

But that's the problem. The government doesn't allow us t them aloneo leave to solve their own problems. Have you seen the happiness in the face of some rich person who is told he no longer going to be taxed to feed the poor? something to reduce his tax burden? A tax cut or loop hole? That happiness makes life worth living for all! :)

Side: Wait..., what, no!
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As human beings, we should have compassion on others, because that's what we would want for ourselves and those we love.

But I'm hoping that you're just trying to make people mad...please tell that's the case, Joe. >_>

Side: Wait..., what, no!

Sometimes the only way to get people to see how ridiculous something is is by voicing it out loud and holding it up high as one of the best human achievements.

Side: Wait..., what, no!
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i see your reason and i think it is a good point.

but it would still be wrong.

think about it the other way round, if you were in the position that they were.

i think that i'd probably end up killing myself if i knew that no one on earth wanted me.

if someone is clearly not wanted living, i wouldnt go and kill them. i'd just ignore the fact that they're there.

(personal experience between me and my little annoying brat of a brother :p)

Side: Wait..., what, no!

If nobody wanted me I wouldn't kill myself because I would want me. ;)

Side: Sure, why not
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of course..why hadn't i expected that answer?

haha :),,,,

Side: Wait..., what, no!