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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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We need to protect clowns from discrimination - it's time for clown rights!!!

Millions of clowns all across America are being discriminated against by children who refuse to invite them to their birthday party.  This is just one example of what clowns need to be protected from.  It is a time honored tradition to protect groups by bestowing rights to them.  But we cannot just lump all clowns into a single category.  There are many different types of clowns.  There are class clowns, circus clowns, Juggalo clowns, etc.  So they will each need their own moniker.  We can then abbreviate the monikers and lump them all together in an acronym (for example, rights for Lesbians, gays, transgender, queer, etc. are all lumped together under the acronym LGTQ).  We must be careful, however, because the "separate but equal" concept has been met with resistance in the past (which is why we don't have civil marriages and regular marriages.).  So, since the LGTQ community keeps on adding letters the acronym in order to include other monikers like transgender, bisexual, transsexual, etc., I say we lump the clowns in there as well.  Then every clown, Tom, Dick and Harry can be protected by any right assigned to the acronym.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I think this would make the endowment of rights very efficient ;)

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I'll hand one thing to you: You've probably found the only argument that can save Trump from impeachment and treason conviction.

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outlaw60(15375) Disputed
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Impeachment and Treason ? Is there undeniable evidence that Progressives can bring to the table ? Other than the Progressives are upset Hillary lost !

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Grenache(6058) Disputed
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Well let's see...

1) It's a live investigation. Time will tell. But while it's live it's within the right of any American to speculate which way they think it will go and that's what I did.

2) If the information reported so far is correct then indeed he is in trouble. memo/#1cc3473835a0

3) Before you jump on that link I'll remind you that in your last ten debates you provided two links to other CreateDebate discussions and one to CNN which you love to p!ss on all the time. You provide no documentation for any of your tripe.

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