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 What do these lyrics mean? (12)

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What do these lyrics mean?

Give me release 
Witness me 
I am outside 
Give me peace 

Heaven holds a sense of wonder 
And I wanted to believe that 
I'd get caught up 
When the rage in me subsides 

Passion, choke the flower 
'til she cries no more 
Possessing all the beauty 
Hungry still for more 

Heaven holds a sense of wonder 
And I wanted to believe that 
I'd get caught up 
When the rage in me subsides 

In this white wave 
I am sinking 
In this silence 
In this white wave 
In this silence 
I believe 

I have seen you 
In this white wave 
You are silent 
You are breathin' 
In this white wave 
I am free 

I can't help this longing 
Comfort me 
I can't hold it all in 
If you won't let me 

Heaven holds a sense of wonder 
And I wanted to believe that 
I get caught up 
When the rage in me subsides 

In this white wave 
In this silence...

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As far as I'm concerned, artists (musicians, painters, wine makers, chefs, etc.) throw shit together and call it art. Then other people call themselves professionals in the field and explain it to us "common" folk. Why can the lyrics be about something that makes sense. Like a story or something. Like, losing your girl, your truck and your dog. Oh...., wait..., that's country music. Never mind ;)

Honestly, this just sounds like some high school would be poet thinking he/she is effectively describing what its like to be an unbalanced teenager. That said...

The apparent longing for Heaven and implications that the singer can't get there due to anger make me think of a Ghost doomed to wander Earth, presumably for eternity.

...or something. Sorry Joe, that's the best I got ;P

Thanks. It's a lot more than I've gotten so far ;)

The crushed flower imagery also seems like it could sort of point the same direction, but again, I'm kind of grasping at straws here.

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I think the song expresses the conflict between the desire for fame and need for tranquility. The speaker criticises modern society in "Passion... for more", which I would say is a metaphor for anyone deemed attractive from celebrities in the media to followers of fashion being pressured until they cannot take it anymore or lose some part of themselves.

Maybe the artist made it purposely vague in order to get people to give it their own "special" meaning and thus sell more songs. ;)

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Vagueness can be good, but specific can be excellent.

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It seems...sexual. I won't go into detail...

thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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I thought that at first too. Then I took Psych 102, and I've since re-evaluated my position and am once again undecided.

ProLogos(2794) Clarified
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I tell people that I took psych in college and they are like, "Really?!" and I'm like, "Psych!" ;)

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Passion, choke the flower 'til she cries no more Possessing all the beauty Hungry still for more.

This seems to be a female who was in love and is now consumed with a rage. When the rage in me subsides

In this white wave I am sinking In this silence

Her rage is white hot and she is sinking into it. Calling for release calling for peace calling for comfort. Comfort me I can't hold it all in.

Heaven holds a sense of wonder And I wanted to believe that I get caught up When the rage in me subsides

She wants to die and go to heaven, but her rage is keeping her outside.

Give me release Witness me I am outside Give me peace

This song is about extreme sadness, torment, suffering in silence from a broken love.

The answer is very simple my dear comrades.

The author is a black man who deflowered a white woman and now thinks he's in heaven.

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