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What is love?

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2 points

Love is that fluttery feeling like the wings of a bird you get in your heart.

1 point

I was confused when I saw the image because I kept on reading, "pants" instead of "heart."

2 points

Yup, love will confuse you like that. Just always remember girlfriend, what's in the pants isn't an indicator of what's in the heart! But you prolly knew that didn't YOU Jolie? LOL

1 point

Baby don't hurt me, no more.

1 point

Love ❤ is when you would do anything for the one you love even if it doesn't make you happy.

flewk(1192) Disputed
1 point

Wouldn't the fact that you made the person you love happy make you happy? Just because you do not enjoy doing something does not mean you cannot enjoy its effects.

1 point

Yes, of course it would be...

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