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 What is seriously wrong with the Japanese people? (7)

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What is seriously wrong with the Japanese people?

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Absolutely nothing ;)

They're too clever, too hard working and too self reliant.

Like China is doing now, they adopted the west's manufacturing and marketing techniques and beat us, temporarily, at our own game.

Fortunately we are more innovative and with people like Bill Gates around we can stay ahead of the posse'.

When things settle down and a level playing field is established, WE'LL BE BACK''.

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Japanese are quite perverted, but that doesn't mean there's something wrong with that.

"Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge." - Carl Jung


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Mu uncle teaches at a university in Japan. Apparently he says the only thing wrong with them is that they overwork themselves and have little personal expression as they're expected to be calm and never show emotion in a work setting.

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One could ask how are people retarded enough to vote for Trump. The UN has declared him a global threat.

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The Russians already said that if Hillary is elected, there will be war. I think she's the threat ;)