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What is wrong with Hillary?

Mental disorder

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The real question is what isn't wrong with her?!

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I don't know if she's mental or demented. Either way, it ain't good. ;)

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Must by mentally defective. All other sane, self respecting politicians in a pose as the first photo would have made certain that their tonsils were airbrushed before releasing for promotional purposes. Must be a complete nutcase. If all else fails she could always give soprano singing recitals in her looney bin.

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She's a pathological liar. She has zero ounce of authenticity in her. The end times is marked with "deception" as the sign. Therefore, Americans will get fooled and watch all the ads and news that pump out good things about hillary and bad things about trump and vote for hillary to be the president.

Some of you have spent 10, 20, 50 years of your lives learning and trying to be "smart" about politics. I didn't even have to spend 10 minutes of my life to know that Hillary is going to win and that the system has been rigged for a long time.


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Oh I completely buy that the system is rigged, that the chance of her NOT winning was incredibly small (she would have had to go to jail), that Americans will do what the preponderance of ads and media tell them to do, and that putting her in the office allows many rich people and special interests to continue to get what they want. I buy that.

Yet it's still not enough for me to vote for a spoiled bigoted bully egomaniac who inherited wealth exploited from ripping others off and then perpetuated the practice by he too scamming and ripping off those less fortunate than himself.

It actually feels comparable to one of those third world monarchies where yes you can depose the king but the guy to take the king's place is just a maniac ready to rob the nation and cut the throat of anyone who opposes.

It's a lose lose scenario.

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