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 What restrictions should be placed on abortion? (18)

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What restrictions should be placed on abortion?

Mine that I support are 1. It must be as safe as possible. 2. It must be by informed consent. 

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I think the restriction should simply be, to not allow the procedure after detection of sentience.

When does that happen? .

Around the 20th week does a fetus develop the capacity to feel pain and obtain memories, that is essentially where I think a good marker for the development of consciousness should be. Which is about 4 and a half months. Most states have it up to 25, and a couple have it to 26, but none higher than that. I think pain should be the biggest factor that should determine conscious life, because sentience differentiates from intelligence, when something can actually FEEL, a dislike for something. full/pr200950a.html

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well let's see now .. what "restrictions" to be placed on one person taking the life (murder) from another person ...... um, it should be made illegal ?? .. is not murder in most states and countries illegal ?? Unless you live in a Muslim counrty of course ....... more important than any "opinion" out there . . . what does God say

zephyr20x6(2386) Disputed
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It does not matter what god says, until said god is proven to exist, then said god must be proven to be omnibenevolent, or morally agreeable to me, then said god's morality must be shown. Until all that, it does not matter what any "god" says. Although, why do you feel that taking the life of an unconscious thing is immoral? Can you explain that to me? Wouldn't it be no different that chopping down a tree?

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Yes what does God say: Life begins at birth: Genesis 2:7, Genesis 38:24, Ezekiel 37:5-6, Jesus said to be born again, not conceived again, Numbers 5:11-31, and Leviticus 27.

dadman(1703) Clarified
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dang girl .. you ARE all mixed up . . . Leviticus 17:11 For the life of a creature is in the blood


when does Human life begin . . .


When does science say Human Life begins ? ..


It must be within 14 weeks of the pregnancy imo.

What is the reason for that answer? Im very curious. :)

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Because by then you have long had your chance to rid yourself of it and it is getting to developed for killing it to be morally justifiable.

What restrictions should be placed on abortion?

It must have consent from the mother when her life is in danger.

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every abortion you buy should be 50% cheaper than the previous abortion.

i know thats not a restriction...lick a clit if you dont like it you dike bitch.

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I will unban you when you stop being abusive. .

westernslave(695) Clarified Banned
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so you dont think its ok for me to set up my very own abortion clinic at the top of Chichen Itza? (mayan temple / huge stair case to toss the bitch down)?

seriously...the only restriction that should be in effect is that the bitch must get permission from the sperm donor (baby daddy) before going through with the abortion. if he wants its, the bitch should be forced to deliver it and hand it over....thats Bs the way these hoes think they are the only ones with a say in the matter. keep your fucking legs closed if you arent prepared to be vetoed by man.