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 What's happening in Cyprus could happen here if we didn't have guns. (5)

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What's happening in Cyprus could happen here if we didn't have guns.

The European Union and the European Central Bank and the IMF have just advocated the confiscation of private property.

The European Union has confiscated the private property of the citizens in Cyprus without debate, legislation or Parliamentary agreement.

Nothing you have that you cannot (or will not) stand in front of with a gun and defend is yours.  If you're either unable or unwilling to die to keep it the government will steal it to give your property to someone else, including someone else who did an irresponsible or even criminal thing.

If the IMF thinks that it is a great idea to steal from bank accounts to solve a financial crisis in Cyprus, why wouldn’t they impose a similar solution in other countries in the future?

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Well, it already did happen when FDR confiscated all private ownership of gold on June 5, 1933.

Wasn't FDR a liberal? Don't we currently have a liberal in the white house? Aren't you against gun control? ;)

I am against gun control, but gun ownership didn't stop them from stealing private property.

Some people just want to watch the world burn ;)