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 What would Jesus be like if He were to return? (9)

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What would Jesus be like if He were to return?

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1 point

I wonder if He would join CD and debate the atheists.

Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
1 point

That would be like tempting Satan himself if he did so .

PhilboydStud(79) Clarified
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I'm not sure what he'd be like, but I agree with what Woody Guthrie said on the subject..

If Jesus was to preach what He preached in Galilee,

They would lay poor Jesus in His grave.

If the bible is to be believed, it will be a proverbial hell on earth (ha, get it?) as an all out war begins and Jesus leads his forces against those of evil, while all of us who don't believe in him will suffer immensely.

Sounds quite forgiving :P

1 point

He would look more like this.

1 point

Except brown.

Never did get why people still stick with the whole "white jesus" thing.

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He would probably be a trade unionist, support those on welfare, the unemployed and the less fortunate, and antagonise the bureaucracy and wealthy, just like he would have done 2000 years ago, - if he really existed....?.

Jesus would begin the manifestation of Revelation. The events in Revelations will slowly unravel until we reach the final judgment.

1 point

a lot more modern than he used to be{in those days}doesn't mean he would have an iphone like the picture shows

It is my personal belief that he would look like this). I also believe that he would start a new revolution against the bourgeoisie and establish another magnificent utopia of equal persons.