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UPDATED: What would be the first words out of your mouth if...

you were to die and found yourself in the presence of God?

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Hey..., I tried my best, but it's not all entirely my fault. You have to take some responsibility here too. After all, it was you who filled this planet with so many stupid people/assholes/etc. (take your pick or add your own) ;)

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I have no excuse. Send me down.

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Upvote for honesty. .

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Are you God?

You are? Helll yeah.

Ayyyye conjure me up some weed nigga. :D

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"Well... this is awkard. In all fairness though, you didn't really provide much evidence for your existence."

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I led a good life, I helped others, treated them as they wanted to treat me. I used the world you created for us to as fuller extend as humanly possible, I used all the senses and feelings and free will that you gave me as much as I could. I used everything you placed on Earth for us at our expense. If you still feel that I have lead an unworthy life, then..


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(I really think you all over estimate your eloquence in the face of the Almighty.)

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For the first five minutes or so: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Then I'll see if I can't calm my ass down and ask a bunch of questions.

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I was right and knew that you existed all along!!


''Hey sir.. sorry, angel pardon me. I think I've been misplaced - I got knocked up at 17''

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So did Mary. Prengancy is a biological reality, not a moral one. :)

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I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus like Your Word the Bible says to. I love You.

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Standard battle cry: "Oh, okay".

Assuming I was on my death bed for a long time before I finally succumbed..., I would be like...., "Dude..., I've been dying to see you for quite some time now!!!" ;)

Hey..., I saw David Blaine do that walking on water trick. Very cool!!! ;)

Oh, great!!! Here I am dying for a glass of wine and I left my water bottle behind. They told me I couldn't take it with me. ;)

Can I use my halo as a frisbee? ;)

So..., when do I get my wings? ;)

What are you wearing underneath your robe? ;)

Has anyone ever accused you of cheating while playing hide-and-seek? Like..., when you're it and it's your turn to count and you use your hands to cover your eyes..., I mean..., you can see right through those holes ;)

Me: Knock, Knock.

God: Who's there?

Me: So..., you're NOT-ALL-KNOWING!!! ;)

Hey..., we are similar, you and I..., I can turn beer into piss ;)

I guess you already know this but..., I have an X-Wife. So...., I have my own cross to bear ;)