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ignorance apathy
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Which is worse, ignorance or apathy?

I tried to delete this debate.

Please don't post here.

Post here instead.




If you do post here,

please specify if it's because you're




NOTE:  you can't spell apathetic without pathetic.


I just realized,

I'm on both sides of the isle!


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If my existence does not harm anyone, does it matter if I care only for myself?

Acting out of ignorance on the other hand, will lead to no good

Side: ignorance
Hitler(2364) Disputed
1 point

Your existence uses resources that others could be getting. It inherently harms others. Not sharing and caring is an issue. Being ignorant to the harms only makes it worse.

Side: apathy

I don't know ;)

Side: ignorance

Neither..both can cause the other...

Side: ignorance
Hitler(2364) Disputed
1 point

Ignorance cannot cause apathy, only apathy can cause ignorance.

Side: apathy
Intangible(4933) Disputed
2 points

Ignorance can cause someone to become apathetic because they're ignorant of thing(s) that would interest them.

Side: ignorance

I don't care ;)

Side: apathy
1 point

NOTE: You can't spell apathetic without pathetic.

NOTE: You can't spell Republican without spelling public.

NOTE: You can't spell Democrat without spelling emo and rat.

NOTE: You can't spell atheist without spelling theist.

NOTE: You can't spell nothing without spelling thing.

Side: apathy
1 point

If both parties are ignorant to a thing (as we are all more ignorant than we are knowledgeable)

Than at least without apathy you can still have the interest in gaining knowledge of that which you're ignorant to.

If one party is ignorant and one is not, but is apathetic to the knowledge they have.

This benefits no one. The ignorant party remains ignorant. The apathetic party either doesn’t care about the knowledge they have or doesn’t care to share it for the benefit of others.

I posted here because I'm ignorant to whether or not you really tried to delete the debate or if it was all part of a thought experiment.

Side: apathy