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 Which president do you consider to be the overall best president? (20)

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Which president do you consider to be the overall best president?

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Even though I'm a conservative, I have to give credit where credit is due. I mean, Reagan never got his disk sucked, that I know of. At lest not while doing his job ;)

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It doesn't really seem like Nancy's style.... but then again, some of those conservative women can get kinda freaky.

George Washington. The Son Of a Bitch defeated Britain (With the help of France and Spain) to gain our independence. He pretty much started this COMMINIST country.

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First off, George Washington was a second-rate general who got lucky more often than not. Second, this country is not communist, it is a hybrid system.

Atrag(5556) Clarified
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His parents named him after a city?? What wankers.

Rotbart(101) Disputed
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I don't know if you're aware, but the US is probably the most un-communist country in the developed world. Many of the problems our country has stem from our inability to accept that the "free market" is not actually a 100% benevolent force.

He also didn't really start the country. He was a figure that was often put in charge of things because his image was bigger than the man because he was at places like the Battle of Bunker Hill, or Yorktown (he was not a great military commander, and lost more battles than he won). What made Washington Great is he would step up and take charge when other people shirked the responsibility. So, his name was out there a lot. He wasn't a large contributor to the ideological wing of the Independence Movement, and he didn't contribute much in the drafting the Constitution (although he was the President of the Convention, again, his image was important to have associated with it).

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William Henry Harrison . He made the March of 1841 the best March ever.

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Oh I believe this president wins my vote. I mean, who DOESN'T like him..?!

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FDR. FDR was the most beloved President in US History. He gave people hope, he got people working when corporate industry wouldn't. He governed in the interest of the people. He put safety nets in place to ease the suffering of people in the future (social security, unemployment insurance, welfare programs, etc). FDR lead the US, a disillusioned broken country, our of the depression, gave the people hope, and lead them to fight against the Fascists in Europe and the Empire of Japan simultaneously; he did it all from a wheel chair. There is a reason that if you ask any person who was alive back then (if you're lucky enough to find one anymore), that they will tell you how great FDR was, and how much they hated Hoover (the Republican who wanted to "let the market fix itself"). My Grandfather was a Democrat till the day he died because of FDR, and he was an NRA member.

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In that other debate you said you learned history .

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Is that supposed to be a witty retort? His summation of FDR's presidency is the most widely accepted view of FDR, and those who deny it are generally those who claim that FDR's actions prolonged the depression, despite the fact that the economic recovery was only stalled when he began listening to his more conservative adviser and cut back on the New Deal programs.

Rotbart(101) Disputed
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Yes. Yes I did. I'm not sure what your point is. Are you trying to insinuate that I am wrong? Or are you agreeing with me by pointing out that I DO in fact know my history because history is my life (and it would be wierd if I did not know history)?

If you are trying to cross swords with me over history, I would love for you to actually try to.