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 Which title is better?Does Apple encourage fraud? Do people use food stamps only for food? (8)

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Which title is better?Does Apple encourage fraud? Do people use food stamps only for food?

Woman tries to buy iPads with food stamps

If it weren't for Apple,

people wouldn't be tempted to buy their crap

with food stamps.

It's true that Apple products have a shelf live of 6 months,

but it's not food.

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I hate Apple. They are contributing to the delinquency of stupid people ;)

First of all, the woman in question is a regular shopper at Walmart. If there's any indicator she's an idiot, it's that, not the fact she wanted an iPad.

She was banned from Walmart prior to this incident for robbery, shoplifting, and trespassing, and came back to try to buy iPads with her food stamps. When this failed she just ran with the merch, assaulting two employees along the way. She then went to a different Walmart to try this "scam" again, where she was arrested.

Based on this story you might be able to argue that this woman is an insane delinquent, but I don't see how that says anything about Apple.

Yeah..., it's a stretch..., but in this site you have to be controversial and I strive for controversy ;)

Maybe she was snorting cocaine ;)

If she was on coke she would've got away, clean.

Sounds more like a tweaker to me.

And I still have a iPod and an IPod Mini that are 10 and 8 years old respectively, and they work just fine. I've never had any problems with my Apple computer.

I have to essentially bring my PCs back from the dead every couple years or so, though.

You really should upgrade. Apple's business plan is to get people to upgrade every 6 months. You are not following the game plan ;)

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Some people have never seen rotten apples, so they are easily fooled into buying that soft and readily crumbling shining chunk. Have any of you ever thrown a rotten apple against the wall? Seeing it go splash is... just so much fun! And the sound of it is no less entertaining. Anyway, it's the best you can do with one. If you have trouble finding which one is rotten then know that you cannot miss, selecting one that is... don't know about your accuracy in hitting a wall though...