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Pixar DreamWorks
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Who has come come out with the better movies?







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Although bug's life and toy story 3 are tugging at me to change my mind, there isn't a single movie of DreamWorks that was 'bad'. They were either average or amazing. Toy story 1 and 2 and a lot of Pixar's work is just a bore to watch.

The Incredibles was predictable from 7 minutes into it. I actually timed the exact minute where the rest of the movie was predictable.

Side: DreamWorks
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I'd pretty much give it a tie, but lean more to this side for this reason. I'd only watch two of those movies more than once. Finding Nemo: For the idiocy and hilarity that dory expresses. Then Kung Fu panda. I like the fight scenes.

Now the reason I chose this side is because their are more fight scenes in Kung Fu panda than their are silly Dory scenes in Finding Nemo.

Side: DreamWorks
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