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Who are more domesticated/tame/less aggressive, Liberals or Republicans?

According to the article below, Most domesticated mammals are really rather different from their wild ancestors: they often have a radically different body shape, frequently sport unusual fur patterns or markings, and it is not uncommon for them to be able to breed all year round.  Which is probably why I can spot a liberal a mile away ;)


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The Republicans are more aggressive, wilder, more pro-active, less passive.

What is interesting is that you can breed out this less aggressive behavior in a relatively short period of time. ;)

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susieq Disputed
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to joe cavalry posting that republicans are more aggressive is wrong.

look at the occupy people where is there is rape, poop in streets , leaving messes and cost the taxpayers money to clean up after them, also disrupting business and pushing old lady down stairs,harassing people. liberal black beating up white because there pissed because of one boy who was trouble was shot and also a democrat. The guy who shot him was a democrat. two democrat give pour gas on white boy because he was white. white people getting beat up all over the country.

Acorn all democrats promoting sex slaves,voter fraud. also Pink group. our justice depart with holding information on fast and furious, doing illegal stuff. obama using thugs outside voting places, having people harass people who are donating to romney group. liberal media working for Obama to cover up his lies. democrats calling women cu-t, bitches, picking on down syndrome child calling names to people filthy name that can not be put on here.

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Those occupy idiots are cowards. They gang up on an individual. In a one on one with a conservative, I put my money on the conservative every time. ;)

Side: Republicans is not uncommon for them to be able to breed all year round.

So, when the contraceptives fail, you need to be able to abort in order to continue fornicating without interruptions ;)

Side: Liberals

"The tame ape

Perhaps we are also a product of domestication. Over the last 30,000 years, human brain size, tooth size and jaw size have all been on the decrease - exactly the same kind of changes that have occurred as animals such as dogs were domesticated, says Richard Wrangham, a biological anthropologist at Harvard University. This raises the intriguing possibility that humans have been on an evolutionary journey from aggressive chimpanzee-like ancestor to the relatively tame species we are today."

I guess the Republicans are the aggressive chimpanzee-like ancestors who are trying to maintain the status quo in order to stem the tide of the small brained, fornicating, Liberals. ;)

The bible did say that the meek shall inherit the Earth. If that means the Liberals, then God must be against religion ;)

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liberals policies are great.

because they give equal rights to everyone

Side: Liberals

That's not true. Liberal policies give rights to everyone except white males. ;)

Side: Republicans
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Those with a liberal outlook are definitely less aggressive than republicans. It is easy to fall into the trap of "just look at those protesters!" but beyond the rhetoric that is played repeatedly on fox news is the truth that most of the occupy protesters are non violent, but what about the law enforcement response that is pushed forward by corporate run, republican politicians? it is beyond violent at times. Which side supports the continued deregulation of our system in order to have free range capitalism that causes nothing but war, famine, and poverty not only in the u.s. but throughout the world? it is the republicans. Religion is the cause of wars throughout the years, and which side claims more evangelicals and bible thumping whack jobs? the republicans. Definitely would rather sit around talking with some hippie liberals rather than warmongering republicans.

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Well, according to some research shit, Republicans are more happy than Democrats.

Which means that they'd most likely be less aggressive. I always see that Republicans laugh more at jokes poking fun at Republicans than Democrats do at jokes poking fun at Democrats (even Jay Leno and Bill Maher talked about this).

Liberals are always so much more angry at shit than Conservatives are. Although, there are times where Conservatives get angry at ridiculous shit (usually see it with small town naggy moms who want to blame something for theirk kids' fuck ups).

Side: Republicans

Hmmm, you have a point there (lets see how many liberals get all bent out of shape over this) but what about the other stuff in the article like domesticated animals having a smaller brain size and fornicating all the time, etc. Surely conservatives have a larger brain. And if they don't fornicate as much then they have no need for abortions... so... ;)

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xaeon(1095) Disputed
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"Surely conservatives have a larger brain."

As those girls in shampoo adverts would say; "here comes the science part."

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People on the right are more able to admit when somebody in their party screws up. When the left will just deny it and call you names.

So aggressive may not be the correct word, maybe just irrational. (;

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And then I get irrationally down voted, so predictable. _______________

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