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 Who pays during the dating period? (5)

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Guys, don't be an enabler, grow some balls and show some self respect.

Ladies, I can't believe that you need to be taught this.

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It depends on several factors:

1) Who invited and chose the venue? Because if the girl said "come with me to the movies" then it's on her. But if the you said, "hey, would you like to go to the movies" and left it open ended then it's probably either going to be the guy pays the whole thing to be a gentleman OR you both pay (but not the woman paying it all). Which leads me to #2.

2) Deciding on a date night plan without first agreeing if the bill will get split is like getting married without a prenup. The guy inevitably is going get the short end of the stick and be the one to pay unless you establish in advance that's not how it's going to be and she agrees.

3) If either gender is not willing to honor the principles in point 1 or 2 then screw it, they don't deserve your time or you spending money on them.

When I was dating my wife, most of the time I paid, but indeed when she made the choice of the activity and/or when we discussed going "Dutch" on some things then she stepped up to her end of paying expenses.

Basically, if you're fair to people, regardless of genders, they'll be fair back. And if you find someone determined to not be fair because they think they're entitled then you need to drop that person right away anyway.

when me and my wife first began dating she almost always paid because I was poor. My CrossFit gym was just getting off the ground and I had given my ex-wife a LOT of our old stuff, like the house and the Escalade.

My wife was and is a teacher and also has her own small biz on the side, so she was making good money. But we both knew my Gym would become successful in time so she had no problem with footing the bills for awhile.

Now we make about the same money and between us have a pretty good income.

I didn't watch the video, btw, because I don't think anybody can tell me anything I don't already know about dating and women and economics, since that is what my degree is in. But thanks.

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You got a degree in dating and women? Wow!!! Is that a B.S.?

Demon_Hunter(635) Clarified
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Degree is in Econ, and its a BA.

If I had a degree in women it would be a PhD! I swear I know everything there is to know about how their minds work. It's like a sixth sense.

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