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Who's richer batman or ironman


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Batman makes 6 billon but ironman makes 9 billon. But still batman has been here much longer then ironman. Batman has been making money much longer then ironman so there for batman has more money

Side: Batman
Cartman(18192) Disputed
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They are both rich because of what their parents were able to create, so they have been making money the same amount of time essentially. Stark Industries holds an expo every year to show off their new badassery. They have government contracts, and we know that the government overpays for stuff.

Side: Ironman
Hitler(2364) Disputed
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"Batman makes 6 billion but Iron Man makes 9 billion."


Side: Ironman

Batman's company operates on a local city scale. Iron Man's company operates on a national scale. Enough said.

Side: Ironman
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They are both billionaires but Tony Stark makes like 4 billion more than Batman and his company (Stark Industries) is only growing while Batman's company (Whane Enterprise) remains consistent to where it is now.

Side: Ironman