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 Why are humans so barbaric that they put their tortured victims on display? (10)

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Why are humans so barbaric that they put their tortured victims on display?

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Humans show little respect for life. What if a tree were to string up the "artist" (?) up upside down in the middle of the forest for all to see?

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Humans show little respect for life 1973 Roe vs Wade ............ it's the law (atheism 101)

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actually an excellent argument could be made that said Roe v Wade actually showed how much Pro Choice humans DO care about life. as in..the lives of the mothers who were without means and wherewithal to raise the aborted kids, had they been allowed to live. many of these kids and their mothers would have experienced lives of poverty, addiction, pain and suffering.

also, did you know the crime rate went down significantly in most major USA cities some 18-22 years AFTER the passing of Roe v Wade? what do you think this happened?

because that was the time when those aborted kids, most of them inner city kids who would have turned to crime, would have come of age to, well, commit those crimes. not many people know this. and it DOES sound racist, but it is true. I invite you to research it yourself. though you dont strike me as a research sort of guy. as I reckon you don't like to let the facts get in the way of your opinions.

so....the lives of those whom would have been the victims of the crimes were also spared!!

gee! seems to me I just gave a great argument why Roe v Wade improved lives and showed compassion! 1--the kids who would have been raised in poverty. 2--their mothers, and 3--the crime victims some 20 years later.

so...can you refute that? or are you gonna throw a couple bible verses at us? better go! evening head count time!

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Maybe we should abort poor people retroactively in order to end their pin and suffering and also to curb crime.

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I have to agree Demon-hunter. Another prediction by the "right" was that "abortions would go sky high" if Obama was elected, they didn't, they are at their lowest rate in years. Along with the "secret army", the "black helicopters", the "King", the "gun gathering", all RWCRAP!

Now, back to the subject at hand. Catholics (and others) put tortured images of Jesus on display. Baptists (and others) love art displaying the people tortured in hell ... whatever that is... White supremacists (who consider themselves Christian) like to do it in real time. Radical Islamists love videos of beheadings of Christians. Then, there's the barbaric, genocidal monsters like Hitler, who considered himself as "doing gods work" Mussolini, who considered himself a Catholic, Osama bin Laden and Sadaam, who loved the carnage they caused on TV, were devout Muslims, allegedly. Barbaric humans, all, of one religion or another. MOST of us Atheists deplore the practice ... truth be known. (Wait, what's that noise rolling in..... Could it be Saintnow? FromWithin?)

AlofRI(3263) Disputed
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A Catholic doctor who didn't like Roe v. Wade showed little respect for my wife's "life", and the lives of my two daughters who needed her greatly at ages 5 & 7, not to mention ME. WE had an actual "life", with responsibilities, and other "lives" that depended on us! He figured, let her die if it's "Gods wish". It wasn't HER wish! It wasn't her daughters wish! It wasn't MY wish! HER doctor saved her for another two years (illegally, in our state). THAT'S what Roe/Wade was made "law" for! For "respect of life" that is here and NOW! Laws get abused, it's up to us to improve them. When "some people" can't regulate responsibly and would rather destroy them, it's hard to improve them because, given an inch, they'll take a mile! Those same people, for the most part, believe "life begins at conception" but RIGHTS end when you pass through the birth canal! After that it's "Go screw yourself if you can't afford to feed, pay for health care", OR pay the hospital bill for that "thing" that now has an actual life of it's own !

Respect for life goes beyond the fetus and sometimes decisions have to be made. A "living life" is more valuable than one which hasn't become a part of others lives! That sounds cruel, but, life's a bitch, sometimes! If "Christian conservatives" could be reasonable, it would be easier to "limit" Roe/Wade. They just have to respect life from conception to death, and allow realistic "choices" in between. Shutting off money to organizations that care for people by doing that, like Planned Parenthood, is NOT "respecting life", it's not FACING life!

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You can't help yourself, can you? :P It's like you guys salivate at the chance to bring up abortion.

AlofRI(3263) Clarified
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I didn't bring it up, Dadman did, and when it is brought up I will fight for CHOICE because I've been there, done that, and I don't go along with religious pundits taking away my choice to save the life I have "chosen". Their "god" wouldn't.

Very very few culture still do this. So you're making a gross and very inaccurate over statement whenm you phrase that question as you did. You made it sound as if it was common practice among us, when in fact the percentage of those who display torture victims or even torture in the first place is far less than 1% of the world's population. Far less. Maybe even 1/10th of 1%.


God Bless.

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If I had worded this debate the way you seem to be suggesting, I wouldn't get any hits.

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You're 700 funny!