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Why are libs not outraged over child marriage, honor killing, sharia-inspired ra

Why are libs not outraged over child marriage, honor killing, sharia-inspired rape laws, stoning, or acid attacks?

All they seem to care about is abortion,
political correctness,
hating religion,
and statues.

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They only attack easy, safe targets and avoid criticizing any group or religious denomination which may represent a threat or attract violent retribution.

They enjoy wallowing in the warm smugness which they derive from championing the cause of those whom they misguidedly perceive as the world's downtrodden and persecuted.

It has been their gross, if not criminal misjudgment of the deadly effects of their sanctimonious magnanimity and shortsightedness which has enabled the Muslim death squads, rapists and violent criminals to wander freely to murder and cause unspeakable misery throughout the towns and cities of Europe.

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When you think about it, abortion is just more death and violence ;)

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When libs protest it's about sex rights. They have rallies about "rape culture" but don't say a word about child marriage and sharia-inspired rape laws. ;)

Because libs aren't really about equality, positive race relations, discrimination, etc. They want an America that is destroyed, and Conservatives are the only ones opposing them, so they must destroy Conservativism, if by violence, demonizing, brainwashing academia, using media propaganda, and the like. It's all about social control by a government that has absolute power. They are people who literally need an entity that is like a god to tell them what to do and what to think and take care of them. It's like some sadistic cult minus the god. In this case, their new liberal government will essentially be like their god, but it will by no means be "liberal" by the classic definition. It will be despotism.

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The left is mostly about hate, which they then project onto other people and statues ;)

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A lib already projected his/her/...? hate onto me by down voting me ;)

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Hello again, j:

By the way, why aren't YOU outraged when our ALLY, the Saudi's chop peoples heads off??


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Why? Seriously? I mean, really? You're asking me (of all people) that question? Because I don't take anything seriously ;)

outlaw60(15375) Clarified
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SUPER STUPID you Leftist support Islam but you are to afraid to own that fact !

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No. In order to be believed libs should address the 10 points discussed in the article. Here's that link again:


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If you think we LIKE our enemy, I'm not gonna convince you we don't..

Nope. We know that you somehow get a hard-on from radical Islamists raping littler girls and setting Jews on fire and that you support Communists. We also understand that the logic you used as a soldier to protect your brothers, defend your own, and not let the enemy kill said brothers has long passed you by. Now you say.... yes, let the Commies take over and kill my brothers in arms. Let them destroy my country. Let them burn my flag. Let my people die.

Quantumhead(745) Disputed
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Nope. We know that you somehow get a hard-on from radical Islamists raping littler girls and setting Jews on fire

Again with the utterly spectacular hypocrisy. Christians rape little girls and Christians set Muslims on fire. How is it even possible that you can ignore this?

Christian youth leader 'raped underage girl and punched her in the stomach when he thought she was pregnant'

Christian militias in Central African Republic 'burnt witches at stake', says UN report report.html

Do you genuinely not understand that your cataclysmic double standards terminate your credibility? You are an absolute raging hypocrite.