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 Why do people look at the tissue after blowing their nose? (20)

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Why do people look at the tissue after blowing their nose?

Why did she look?

Even Jay is like, "Why did you look?"

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Don't lie. You know you look ;)

joecavalry(40130) Clarified
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The only reason I look is to make sure I didn't accidentally blow out a piece of my brain ;)

I think people look just because they became used to it. Kinda like driving where eventually you don't think about what your doing you just drive. I think its just something you do when your little and you think boogers are awesome.

I look because every once in a while I can't believe what just came out of me ;)

Kinda like when you go #2 and you call some one over to look at it and get a plunger because you just don't see how it's ever going to make it down that little hole ;)

Lol i dont know about the number two thing but alrighty hahahaha. I never knew people tell others to come veiw their poo.

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Curiosity, and to be able to have that moment where you can say (or think) "WoW, that came out of my head"?!?

i looked this morning and it looked like a cute little bunny rabbit

Well i lf you possibly sneeze out another bunny rabbit i'll be glad to show the world that clouds aren't the only ones that can make cool shapes.

next time i'll take a picture and upload it :)

Bunny buggers? Really? Hey..., you changed your picture ;)

yea i thought this picture better matches my personality.