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 Why do you still go on Facebook? (9)

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Why do you still go on Facebook?

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I don't.

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to scroll through a bunch of memes that I've seen like a million times haha and to also play unicorn attack (only because you can mute the music) and... maybe talk to people but even that never really happens and its great to kill time with.

For a number of Buddhist groups that are there, trollpedia and also I'm not going to lie I like reading other people's random crap from time to time.

I usually go on Facebook just to creep on my friends who still use it. #NotAStalker

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to talk to hot bitches also to sign up to things easily.

My prochopice friends are on there, and I have the delusion the Facebook can stop being sao dipshitted. ;0

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I rarely do.

To make myself feel as if I actually have a face in this world.

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I go on facebook to keep in touch with some of my friends and family.