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 Why does the double A bra size exist? Why make it? What purpose does it serve? (7)

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Why does the double A bra size exist? Why make it? What purpose does it serve?

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Nipple support? ;)

To treat all females equally. We don't need anyone feeling left out of womanhood.

There is a general stigma, amongst some circles, surrounding going braless.

A woman with a AA cup may not NEED a bra per se, but if she's walking around in spaghetti straps and there is no bra strap visible, people will judge her for it; the perception is that she's 'easy.' There's also the fact that a bra helps conceal an erect nipple- another thing people are judgemental about. A woman walking around with just the shape of her nipples being visible through clothing is also perceived as being 'easy' by many.

The stupidest thing about this stigma is that breasts and nipples are not sex organs. The fact that they're sexually sensitive is largely immaterial- we don't generally make women cover their ears and necks, after all. The fact that people find them sexually attractive is also largely immaterial- shorts and skirts are perfectly legal and acceptable as well.

Actually, i lied- the stupidest thing about this entire game is in fact how uptight we seem to be about seeing bits of flesh, regardless of where they are. Really, there is no good reason to be ashamed or uncomfortable around nudity, even full frontal.