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 Why don't we celebrate normal member of society? (22)

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Why don't we celebrate normal member of society?

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Probably because they are boring. Now go out there and do something that will land you on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine ;)

For everyone who beats addiction, there are many more that never do.

Those who manage to break an addiction and turn their life around are celebrated because they give hope to those who feel they may never get out of it.

We celebrate when cancer patients get to remission, but we don't celebrate for every person who just doesn't get cancer in the first place. Similar concept.

Because it is a great feat to overcome an addiction like that and they are glad that the person has gotten over his/her problem and has turned their life down a better they congratulate this feat by applauding.

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Isn't it a great feat to never be coerced into doing drugs?

No. You're speaking as if saying No to drugs is hard in the first place. Quitting drugs is harder than not ever doing drugs. And yes, it may have been irrational to start doing drugs, but it's when you gain the tenacity to stop doing them is were you are accomplishing something.

Now for someone who is doing well in life, but starts doing drugs and potentially it ruins them, but then they quit later, they do not deserve any congratulations.

I became a heroin addict because of this post. Then I stopped. Reward, please.

You haven't been doing heroin long enough to be considered an addict. Do it daily for atleast month then quit and then I'll give you a cookie. :D

That's a slippery slope. I'm trying to be a responsible addict.

Might even be a week on heroin and your #ucked,then a cookie

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I never thought of that. We never reward people for never doing drugs or anything.

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I used to smoke a bunch of weed, but when I stopped after college.

That's right I grew-up and started doing coke, like an adult.

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A lot of people in today's society don't care about the normal members of society. They only worry about themselves.

Doesn't america have a show that demonstrates that nobody does crap when someone in plain sight is stealing a bike,someone even helped a women use bolt cutter's to steal a bike,sweeeeeeet

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Yeah I saw this one GIF where a girl was getting her purse stolen and the girl beat the living crap of the guy and people were just walking by and not doing a thing.

Why should we celebrate things that people didn't do?

James Renaldo: "Hey I didn't go into the jungle and get attacked by a cheetah! :D".

Flamberge Stockholmes: " I went into the jungle and got attacked by a cheetah, but I managed to grapple it to the ground and break it's neck"

Which one would you rather applaud for? >.>

(Idk if cheetahs live in jungles not the point though)

Cheetahs don't live in jungles. :)

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the world is a jungle and sometimes the wrong people are given recognition but the real unsung hero is disregarded. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. And so there is the first loophole. The lion never lived in the jungle nor was he ever the king if the jungle. It was the tiger, it was always the tiger but not many people recognize him as the king and many still fail to, today. Therefore, if what we expect is to get an award for not doing drugs or for not committing a crime or for being a King, then I guess we are in the same boat , or might I say jungle, as the Tiger, the true King of the Jungle. Thank You