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Why is it OK to show man nipples but not OK to show women nipples?

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I think neither should be allowed. It is skanky for men to go around bare chested as well. I find it absolutely revolting when I see some fat bugger walking around in public shirtless. Seriously put some clothes, no one wants to see your torso.

Even if the guy is hot it is still is a bit Man whore-ish and repulsive.

I demand equal rights for women nipples. ;)

Would you want lactating nipples out in the open?

On a serious note, this is a good question.

I happen to like lactating nipples. But if that is a problem for others, there can be a law against lactating nipples ;)

I think your on to something, Joe.

Lol... Why do humans have sex for fun rather than just reproduction?

These are all questions that only instinct can answer.

It is instinctually built into both men and women to preotect the honour of 'helpless' women whereas men exposing themselves to humiliation and the likes is seen as fine because a man can take it.

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Social stigma. I don't really know why though, we've long since past the issue of clothing to protect our hygienic. Though some places aren't as prudish as the U.S. Places like Brazil, I believe have quite a few nude beaches.