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 Why is it that when the Sh!t hits the fan, all of a sudden people become religious? (29)

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Why is it that when the Sh!t hits the fan, all of a sudden people become religious?

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Embrace the chaos ;)

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They want it easy. Duh.

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Quite simply because religion offers strength and support when people are under stress. They come when they need God to help them, then leave again, once he has.

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I agree; religion is a coping mechanism. I think though that God does not actually help anyone, so much as the idea of God does...

Fear of mortality or lack of control. That's one of the primary purposes of most religions: to abrogate fear.

Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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Who says? You? Hardly an expert on the subject of religions. Having a preconceived bias on religion only makes you prejudice against religion, not expert on religion.

MuckaMcCaw(1970) Disputed
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Decades of casual religious studies and speaking with the religious has convinced me that for most of them, they choose relegion because it makes them more comfortable. It allows them to believe they are special, that a being of good is in charge of their destiny, that death is not the end. And more than all that, many of them are naturally fearful people (not just the religious though, we all are, which is part of the widespread popularity of religion.) They often feel out of control, so when chaos hits, they want desperately to believe that SOMETHING is in control, and will not let them come to harm. And that when they face their inevitable demise, they will be eternally comfortable.

This isn't bias, this is observation of human nature. Religious people are terrified of a godless world. And to their credit, it CAN be scary.

Godless Liberals or Atheists truly think Government has all the answers to their lives. When trouble comes and they see how inept Government is at fixing any problem, they have no place to go. Their daddy Government has abandoned them and they start understanding the power of faith in God. But they will never admit it.

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"Godless Liberals" Strike one!

"Think government has all the answers to their lives" Strike two!

"But they will never admit it" Strike three, youuuuuurrrree out!

Try debating the merits of the argument, instead of using this as another opportunity to decry those you hate.

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People have been conditioned into dependance on society, rather than independance on themselves.

If you are wondering why a few examples would be...

1. Mainstream media portrayal of the perfect man/perfect woman. Not only does this create insecurities in the populace but they run out to the shops to buy make-up, clothing etc etc all to try and conform to the presumed 'trend'.... obviously this is exponential and it self reinforces... 1 person does it and then others follow upon seeing them.

2. Men that are cuffed and collared. We no longer fight, hunt for our food and the such like...we have lost our ability to be 'masculine' our instincts have been driven out by the mind which is cultivated through education and again, societal expectations.

Of course when shit hits the fan people have noone to turn to and so they turn to god.

I personally don't see a problem with this other than the fact it doesn't fix the goals long term, it may sustain your faith in the world for a few days, but alas you soon forget about it when it blows over.

Instead i would try to value, appreciate and trust myself, realize the freedoms i have and from my own perspective, i don't conform unless it benefits me. After all this is a game, to be played.... good and bad are just a perspective... experiences dont care which they are why should you? look at the awareness you can gain through your experience instead. (can offer an example if asked)