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 Why would religious people want to convert atheists? (16)

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Why would religious people want to convert atheists?

Why would anyone want heaven to be so crowded there may not even be a place to sit?  I mean, I do not intend to be standing for eternity.
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nobody converts anyone. If you think that, then you do not understand or know the doctrine of salvation. People do not convert anyone. People cannot save souls. I can convert people to like Coke over Pepsi or convert you to become a vegan or meat eater, or convert you to be a Mac or PC person. You can't convert someone to be a Christian. I won't explain it, but theologically, that is inaccurate. That is not how you become a Christian.

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It's the Spirit who reveals, you are correct. We can speak but His Spirit gives understanding.

Although for atheists, there is no spirit or soul, they only live in one linear dimension, so atheism is like brainwashing. That's not converting that's controlling.

Without perception and understanding atheism is a pretty bland life to aspire to.

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I imagine that if there were no God but there's a life after death and everyone went there, that the theists and the atheists would still be arguing:

Theist: Ha! You said there was no life after death! In your face!

Atheists: Yeah, well, you said I would end up in Hell. So there. In your face!

KNHav(1957) Clarified
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Actually Jesus talks about being One. This those who are His will be of one accord. Not divided by silly doctrines of men.

People who wait for the Lord to reveal His mysteries, who share those with brethern and we all grow and learn. There are principles that are foundational, then there are others that are unfolding revelations. It's the brethern who divide as revelation unfolds, opposed to coming together to be fullfilled as one in Christ.

I'll divide over foundation of truth, but I understand revelation too. I also understand confirmation shelf, and that God's depth is unreachable. So in every passage of His Word there is mysteries to be revealed.

And that's our manna, there is nothing like the trip God takes you on when He shows you things. You can't make it happen. You can go years without experiencing it. But when it happens you know it.

And its even trippier when God shows you something, like He has been showing me stuff in Genesis for months. No teacher, just Him and the Bible and a notebook, then to see Him showings others you never met the same during this time also.

Being "One" doesn't mean we agree on every little thing, it just means we don't divide over it, and we all realize who God is and how He rolls out truth like a scroll.

But this is our unity Christ, the way, and the understanding of that way through the cross and Resurrection. And filling with the Spirit. Everything builds on, oneness within the truth.

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Would you like to be one with anyone on here? ;)

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Will atheists convert Muslim Jihadists ?What might atheists have to say about the conversion

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Because we read the end of the story. And we are by nature our brothers keeper. And God doesn't dismiss us calling out, even if others don't want to listen. We answer to God, not the demons that hold atheists captive.

Because they matter to God, they matter to us. Opening our mouth is offering mercy to others as we also recieved.

Most of us scoffed and denied also, so we know what it's like to be on the the blind side and the seeing side.

I believe we speak, but it's the work of the Spirit of God to reveal.

I try to get people to look and be objective for even a short time. A closed mind can't learn anything.

My point is then to each his own, but don't shut the ears of others with the fraudulent things that are spun. Let people decide for themselves. But that is not the atheist especially the modern atheist. They are tools used by the god of this world, to keep people out of God's Kingdom, because misery loves company.

I am a fair person. I think everyone should have correct information to decide for themselves!

So I feel my place is to be a voice pointing to truth for all those who want to decide for themselves.

Atheists are controllers of others thoughts, they are not interested in fair, and tolerance. They are intolerant. John Locke in the 1800's said it also. They ran up against these organizations, and knew of their origins, communism. Robots ruled, even in thoughts!

That is clearly a modern atheist mentality.

So to the atheist who still can reason with a perceptive logical mind, we call out, to hopefully save some from the blackhole we are decending into as we stand, saving them out of it is our hope.

So if they make lousy fraudulent statement a counter of truth is warranted, if not for their sake, then hopefully for the sake of others, who are exposed to their deceptions!


Cartman(18192) Disputed
2 points

Most of us scoffed and denied also,

Denying and scoffing science and reality doesn't count.

KNHav(1957) Disputed
1 point

I didn't deny or scoff, I explained as I see it according to my theory. Or can't we choose from your many denominations of evolution theories?

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Jesus really does the converting, all we as Christians do is plant the seed. I wouldn't say our job is to convert rather make disciples because that is what Jesus called us to do.

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Religious people believes that if they can convert an atheist they will get enough 'coin' for being a proud member of heaven! Only for this benefit they want to convert atheists.

KNHav(1957) Disputed
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Really? Actually we are rewarded as we speak. And doing His will is a pleasure. When we give we recieve, when we love, we know love more. The coin of heaven can't be measured by value to buy or sell. We won't need to buy or sell. So coin wouldn't have value. Treasures in Heaven are wisdom and understanding. These are riches we want to have growing in our accounts.

As far as why we want to save the atheist. We want all to be saved. If we are made in God's image, and His Spirit dwells in us, the our hearts are influenced by God who loves and wants them to be saved. So because of God's will on our hearts, we seek to bring other people into the Kingdom of God also.


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So..., Heaven doesn't deal in Bit Coins?

OK, so if people are like cells and God is the body then atheists are like cancer cells that the theists are trying to convert back into regular cells? What if it's the other way around? ;)