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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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With great power, comes hot chicks.


Just think of every super hero.  They get all the hot chicks.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Of course it's true.

While our brain is considered to be more developed than the brains of other animals, that 'increased' development isn't so much a replacement as it is an addition. Consider the basal ganglia- sometimes called the 'reptile brain' because it more or less is- a reptile's entire brain is extremely similar to this structure of ours- and this structure is present in more or less all vertebrate brains, with additional structures on more complex brains.

Put simply- we're a sentient mind married to a primal animal.

We like to believe that our mate selection is entirely voluntary, but I don't believe it is. Look at the huge dissonance between what most people say they want vs who they actually find themselves attracted to.

Attraction and our sex drives ARE our reproductive instinct- even if we don't consciously want children, or if having children with the partner in question is impossible for any number of reasons (including homosexual relationships). This does not mean that sex is just for reproduction as some would assert- merely that the desire itself is the reproductive instinct.

Fitness, resources, and power/standing are all huge factors in female to male attraction throughout the animal kingdom. Why is it so strange that these would be a factor in humans?

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Dammit. Stole the words out of my mouth. I was going to post an argument quite similar to this one. I'll just 1up this post.

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And with all those chicks comes the great responsibility of keeping them from finding out about each other ;)

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joecavalry(39882) Clarified
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Let's face it, not even a super hero can survive a scorned woman ;)

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Speaking of super heroes, have you noticed how they seem to bring death and destruction to the city of their origin ;)

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Flash: Caused several anomalies to hit central city.

Green Arrow: Caused people he used to train with or hunt or something to come to his city.

Batman : Created the fucking Joker

Superman: Awoke zod, lured out doomsday, tempted lobo, sexually harrased Apocalypse, and is probably having sex with his birth mother.

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Yeah... apparently the hot chicks dig that?

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Is everyone here a comedian? Doesn't anyone take anything seriously anymore ;)

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I wouldn't have minded working with Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter).

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Super Heroes are fictional characters and thus, are not a reasonable example.

Dudes jacked up on steroids usually scare chicks away.

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Heterosexual female heroes usually don't get hot chicks.

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You're not reading the right kind of comic books then ;)

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I agree, this question is completely excluding all the female superheroes.

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