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I think so. About the same.
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Would Hitler have gotten a lot further killing Radical Muslims instead of Jews?

I think so.

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About the same.

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Probably. Those nut jobs have declared war on All who are not of their brand of Islam. The Jews only crime: Being successful in business, science and just about every other field they were in and, as I always say: success breeds contempt in those who lack it. Hitler exploited that to the max.

Side: I think so.
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Body likes a terrorist.

Side: I think so.

Maybe. Hitler actually kinda sided with the muslims against jews. But in modern times he probably would be successful with it

Side: I think so.

WARNING FREE WORLD! IF we don't stop Islam while we are more powerful, they will conquer us. Wake up, it's their plan! Research it. They has planned caliphate since medieval times. It's no secret. They never have intentions on coexisting.

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I don't have kids. But if u do u are forsaking them if u let this monster live.

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Killing gets you nowhere, in the end. Hitler would have generated hatred either way. The world would have reacted the same either way. Most of us humans don't like killing. Most of us will do it in self defense, or in defense of others. There are a few that will do it for power. It doesn't matter to most of us WHO is being killed, it matters that they ARE.

The fact that we have people that will even ask a question like this means that it will not stop soon. Holding one race (or religion) above another just shows a willingness to contimue.

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I think this is well said and if I attempt to add to it I might take away from it ...bravo

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my ex wife and all her family are from iran you know this country as iran today but it is actually Persia and the language they speak is farsi ...I know its not spelled right im sorry ive seen it a million times yet I blow it everytime ....anywho the elite of iran changed their name to broker a deal with hitler to usher in the third ricket again im not spelling this right and im sorry the word iran translates in pharsi as aryian like as in aryian nation hitler had no desire at all to hurt muslims they wanted the same things the enemy of my enemy is my friend...type of deal....

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Those farsi speaing persians were real ass holes.

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jerbear(118) Disputed
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My children are 50% pharsi speaking assholes .......and I love every quark and gluon in there matter they are so precious to my heart ....and every one of those assholes has a mother or father who loves them too....they were just born in a hard spot what would you do in there shoes that would change Iranian policies...

Side: I think so.