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overrated a necessary evil
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Would the quality of speech be better if it weren't free?

Lets face it, if it's free, it's usually crap.  I mean, do you think I would pay to post my random thoughts?  Hell no!  That's why I think that free speech is overrated ;)


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a necessary evil

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I don't think people with a lisp or a hard to understand accent should have free speech. I mean, why should I have to put up with something I don't understand? ;)

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This kind of sounds like you're condoning a pay site for debating.... That would suck. I would never pay to use a website. In fact, I don't think I have an account on any pay site. I think the internet should be free with ads. :)

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Free speech is a definite necessary evil. Unfiltered speech establishes our "good" and "bad" perceptions of speech. It gives people the opportunity to question things they don't see as the right thing or way. For example, the Westboro Baptist Church, the ones that protest at funerals, are looked down upon by most of America as ignorant hate speakers but they also bring up issues that may not have been addressed were they not to address them.

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