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Yes, it's pregnancy free Eeew, no. That's icky!
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 Yes, it's pregnancy free (1)
 Eeew, no. That's icky! (4)

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Would you ever have nookie with a robot?

Yes, it's pregnancy free

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Eeew, no. That's icky!

Side Score: 4

Sure, why not? I like to try some things out at least once. I wouldn't want to be called a robophobe ;)

Side: Yes, it's pregnancy free
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What's the point of a robot when you've got a perfectly good woman??

(unless you're married)

Most women will be cheaper too.

Side: Eeew, no. That's icky!
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I sort of agree with Kinda- why have arobot when you can have aperfectly good man?

However, I resent the comment that women can be bought, as that applies mostly to prostitutes.

Side: Eeew, no. That's icky!

Hmmmm, that's interesting. Are you saying that you wouldn't have sex for a million dollars?

Side: Eeew, no. That's icky!
Kinda(1649) Disputed
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Not my fault women are attracted to wealth. I don't literally mean bought as in I give you £50 and you gimme one night. I mean that in a relationship you have to take them out and do this thing and that thing and all this other boring things just to get some. In the end it's worth it though. Cheapest I've done so far is cinema and then her house. :D. Cost me £15 the whole day including transport. Actually there was this one girl at a party where I went to a mates afterwards with her... cost under £10 the whole night. But that was a one nighter.. not really a gf.

Side: Eeew, no. That's icky!