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Makes sense to me Wait..., what...?
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Would you fight for peace

or make love for virginity or be agreeable on a debate site or be intolerant towards intolerant people?

Makes sense to me

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Wait..., what...?

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If there was a gray area i would be their, because it depends on what kinda piece you are fighting for and wether or not your on the right side fighting for piece.

Side: Makes sense to me

So what if you're on the right side fighting for a piece of ass instead of peace? ;)

Side: Makes sense to me
hoegy(308) Disputed
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The all i have to say to that is forget that man im all about only fighting for noble ideals. I also will never harm anyone only if i have to defend myself or unless it involves fighting for a noble purpose. Violence is blinding and pointless evil. If you want to release your energy go to something active, like sports, weightlifting, running swimming. Violence to be is dead to me.

Side: Wait..., what...?
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Well der. how do you achieve anything without fighting for it?! fighting does not nessisarily mean bang bang your dead fifty bullets in your head, bombs explosions and destruction. I am fighting now. Debating is a verbal war if you think about it!

Side: Makes sense to me

"If you want peace, prepare for war. "

war and violence will continue to be in operation so long as they are advantageous. To have peace you want to insure your opponents know that it would be disadvantageous to fight you. This may require giving out a sample of your ability. One must be careful to not seem as a threat though, for then its disadvantageous to have you around and resentment will breed.

Side: Makes sense to me

Nothing breeds war like peace.


Side: Wait..., what...?

I'm a lover, not a fighter but I bet most liberals find no problem with fighting for peace. Look for them on that <--- side of the debate ;)

Side: Wait..., what...?

I know that I would never fight for peace. Say again as I said before, Like I give a damn about humanity.

Well, the Iraq and Afghan wars were fought for oil.

Side: Wait..., what...?
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Look at our major wars; they haven't been about peace.

The American Revolution was about independence.

The Civil War was about uniting the country.

WW1 was fought over territories. It was caused by imperialism, nationalism, militarism and the system of alliances.

WW2 was fought over resources.

The Korean War and Vietnam War was fought to stop the spread of communism (damn commies)

The Gulf War was fought to protect our oil rich ally, Kuwait and hence our interests.

The current Iraq war is about oil and Afghanistan is about fighting terrorism at its roots.

Side: Wait..., what...?
NuclearFish(182) Disputed
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American Revolution: Correct.

War of 1812: Independence again...

Mexican-American War: Territories/Manifest Destiny

Civil War: Depends on the side you're on.

Spanish-American War: Territories/Imperialism

WWI: Fought to bring peace... I never said President Wilson was right to say it.

WWII: We were bombed...

Korea/Vietnam: Correct.

Gulf War: Correct.

Iraq: Correct, though debatable.

Side: Makes sense to me
trumpeter93(998) Disputed
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Civil War: Depends on what side you're on.

North: keeping states in the Union

South: States rights

President Wilson

Former President Wilson

We were bombed

I never said we weren't. After we were bombed, we were drawn into the biggest resource war in history. Germany wanted Russia's resources. We ended up with Iraq as an ally and they had a lot of oil. We cut off Japan's oil and they suffered. They invaded the Pacific for resources.

Side: Wait..., what...?
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Although this is an oxymoron,countries do it all of the time. I mean,technically speaking I suppose I would fight for peace...but only if it was the only way to achieve peace. In other words,it'd be a last minute method. There are many other ways to achieve peace,one of these methods are especially through compromise or mutual agreement.

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how could you possibly fight for peace? surly not fighting would then just bring peace naturally?

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we should bring peace peacefully rather than fight peace does not mean fighting peace means a state of harmony,love good with each other

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aha that is true! i agree! it is better when u ignite peace!

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