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Drive myself Car that drives itself
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Would you prefer to drive yourself or a car that drives itself?

Google is developing a car that drices itself but people who buy the ultimate driving machine and American muscle cars may prefer to drive temselves.

Drive myself

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Car that drives itself

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I like driving. Who doesn't like driving. Maybe this could be used as a punishment for drunk drivers! If you can't drive, then it will drive you. Oh, I wish something like this was true!

Side: Drive myself
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GUYS ARE YOU SERIOUS??? The car the drives itself is not perfect! It can easily crash and you guys would be to busy eating gummy worms and sour patch kids!

Side: Drive myself

If I don't have to drive I can do something else like play games or surf the web ;)

Side: Car that drives itself
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Cant you do that at home? You know, play games and surf the web... Why choose to do it when you're "driving"?

Side: Car that drives itself

OK. How about...., if I don't have to drive, I can have sex in the back seat ;)

Side: Car that drives itself

A car that drives itself would be great. The car must be accident proof.

Side: Car that drives itself