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I like worms I like birds
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 I like worms (4)
 I like birds (2)

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You should sleep in late if...


...if you're the worm.

Remember..., the early bird catches the worm.

Now you may not like worms in your diet but

in life

you're either the bird, or the worm.

And if you're the worm, it behoves you to sleep in late.

I like worms

Side Score: 4

I like birds

Side Score: 2

I once heard that the early cat got the early bird who was trying to get the worm who was happened to have gotten there late because he was sleeping in ;)

Side: I like worms

Another benefit of waking up early is that you can get a jump on whoever is first on the weekly leader board and, at least until he wakes up and starts mass postings, you can be first for a little while ;)

Side: I like worms
1 point

What about anal worms?

Side: I like worms

Sorry about the option confusion. I have changed it to "I love birds." You can now go on that side and hate anal worms... unless... of course..., you like anal worms ;)

Side: I like worms
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I had such a variety of options there. 'I like worms' - which I don't - and 'I hate birds' - which I don't are great options - thanks.

It is also a pretty weird debate. I think though, if the saying is accurate, then you should sleep in late. If I were a worm I would be sleeping in late - then I could do all sorts of interesting things when I was alive; I wouldn't be able to do anything if I were dead, would I?

Although, I think that I would rather be the bird than the worm in the first place.

Side: I like birds

You're right. My mistake. I changed the options. You now love birds ;)

Side: I like birds