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"Young Earth Creationism is a conspiracy theory."

As a YECist would state that the international scientific community is lying to us...


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The funny thing is most of the people that believe in those Alex Jone type conspiracy theories are religious lol, they would believe that man never went to the moon but yet believe in talking snakes, Noah arc and a 6000 year old earth, and I think I know why.

I think it has to do with a certain part of the humans brain called the amygdala, that part of the mind controls fear conditioning, they see the world though different a set of eyes, all change is bad to them and this has to do with our primitive survival instincts, to stay the same in order to maintain control, new things to them means death and for good reason.

In the early devolpment stages humans learned to fear change because the result really was death for them in most cases, when things become to complicated for the average man to understand humans tend to create way to rationalize this misunderstanding with fearful thinking or fabrication to justify what they do not understand, religion is a perfect example of this.

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Awesome post Warjin! I 100% agree. Fearmongering is how the conspiracy theorists win and I fear that it is going to get worse before it gets better.

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Young Earth Creationism, YEC is false and a conspiracy theory. That's why it is so difficult to convince them otherwise.

"But I would argue that the present-day creationist movement is a fully fledged conspiracy theory. It meets all the criteria, offering a complete parallel universe with its own organisations and rules of evidence, and claims that the scientific establishment promoting evolution is an arrogant and morally corrupt elite.

This so-called elite supposedly conspires to monopolise academic employment and research grants. Its alleged objective is to deny divine authority, and the ultimate beneficiary and prime mover is Satan." Braterman, Paul

I am going to start asking my friends for help. I honestly don't know how to convince someone who believes the above. Generally, it is genius to wrap religious beliefs in a conspiracy.

That way the ideas are self-sealing and immune to evidence. This is how religion will easily survive and thrive in the future. Conspiracy thinking will prevail.

Supporting Evidence: Creationism is a conspiracy theory. (
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Young Earth Creationism is a mental disorder .

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A conspiracy theory is one that indicates that there is/was a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

Young Earth Creationism doesn't indicate this.

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Elvira(3446) Clarified
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The 'something unlawful or harmful' would be in their words 'lying and trying to lead people away from God'.

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Hitler(2364) Disputed
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... What?

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Warjin(1577) Disputed
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So the "you better believe in me or your going to HELL" isn't a indication of harmful and unlawful doing?

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Hitler(2364) Disputed
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No, hell is a fantasy land and the one responsible is an overpowered fairy that turned a pixie red and lets the pixie abuse anyone he disagrees with.

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I don't think there is a conspiracy involved, it is organized religion.

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No it was made up but probably just to explain what Science at the time could not.

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No, it's just a retarded religion with no proof to support it.

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