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ikno marriage is a con hope2 find someone special
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do you understand the real reason why gov/corporate is against same sex marriage

there are a lot of benefits to being married, if you can stay together. 

the movie "i now pronounce you chuck and larry" can give a lot of perspective on the subject.

imagine how many people would marry their friends in order to help them out. say you have a n awesome job great benefits, medical insurance, pentions life insurance policies, etc etc.and you have a good friend you grew up with that isnt so capable. both of you are too smart to marry a woman/go down that doomed road lose the house/pay child support/ you decide to marry each other and live together as youre both getting tax breaks and all kinds of other beni's that married couple get. do you think government or all the corporations that would lose out from that would like that?

the reason they allow man/woman marriages because they know more than half will fail within the first 5 years, ultimately bringing in a lot of differents kinds of revenue. in short the SYSTEM benifits a great deal from the stupid concept of marriage...but if most people were capable of really using that agreed upon partnership for their entire lives...marrige would be abolished.

i know a lot of you stupid fucks like to think of it in a holy way..."ahhh man and woman making a bond under god" but truth is...its all about business.

ikno marriage is a con

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hope2 find someone special

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I think gay women stay together longer than any other type of couple but gay men change partners as often as their underwear. But surely, I exaggerate ;)

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but you see what im saying? it should be about a platonic partnership also...2 people that care for each other and want to become a team. not just 2 people that are expected to pair up, reproduce then split because people almost always get sick of each other when "committed"

if best friends were aloud to marry...imagine how many people wouldnt have to work some shit job just for the medical coverage. or think of all the cancer victims / other diseased people that would have somebody marry them just so theyd get affordable treatment/drugs

i think marriage is just one huge part of the religious scam....designed to screw people over.

in "god" we trust

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I understand fully. My solution is to get rid off marriage benefits ;)

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(hope that wasnt too long for you)

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This debate is stupid, even for you.

A) The government and corporations are not against gay marriage.

B) The above scenario is already possible and doesn't bother anyone. People have life long friends of the opposite sex, they can have fake marriages. We have this problem with immigrants marrying to stay in the country. No one cares.

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Well by that logic, we should illegalize marriage completely, after all we don't want some guy and his long life female friend marrying simply to take advantage of the system... GOD HATES HETEROS AHHHHHH!!!!! ;)

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