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True. Wait, what? No!
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if a man gets a woman pregnant - the woman controls his fate.


She dictates whether he is going to be a father or not.  If she doesn't want the child, she gets an abortion and he won't be a father.  If she wants the child, she gives birth and he is financially liable for the child for 18 years.  The father has no say in the matter.  His opinion on how to handle the situation is not taken into consideration.  He is at her mercy and whim.



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Wait, what? No!

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Yes, and the rights of being a father only come into play after the child is born. Then comes all the responsibility. All responsibility and "rights" come into play especially when matters of child support are in question.

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It's best to keep your willie in your pants.

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He just controls his fate a little less. This debate is ridiculous with the stance that pro-life people take. Pro-life people don't care about the poor decisions that lead to the unwanted pregnancy, so it seems strange to bring up a scenario that doesn't care about the poor decisions but is now bad for not considering those decisions.

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Pro-Life? I'm Pro-Choice. Abort the little bastards ;)

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Troy8(2417) Disputed
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Pro-life people don't care about the poor decisions that lead to the unwanted pregnancy

That seems awfully backwards.

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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I know right. You would think that they were against abortions being needed by preventing bad decisions. But, nope, they completely ignore what leads to abortions.

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