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 what does biblical salvation mean (20)

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what does biblical salvation mean

Man's problem: man is spiritually dead and in need of life

God created Adam and said to him, "You are free to eat from the tree in the garden,
but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die."
God gave Adam the choice to either remain dependent on him for life or to become independent from him which is spiritual death.
Wanting to become like God, Adam ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and that day he died spiritually.
Each of us are born into this world in the likeness of Adam. Sin and death has been passed on to every human being.

Romans 5:12 .. therefore .. just as through one man sin entered into the world .. and death through sin ..
and so death spread to all men .. because all sinned

Ephesians 2:01 .. and you were dead in your trespasses and sins

this is just an opening statement .. please keep your comments contained to Christianity and Bible based . . . dadman

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In a word: escapism.

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A. so long as my good works outweigh my bad .. I'll be alright

B. so long as I believe there is a god and I never hurt anyone .. I'll be alright

C. I was raised in a church and was baptized by the best .. I'll be alright

D. all religions point to god .. therefore so long as I attach myself to one of these .. I'll be alright

E. we are ALL god's children .. and so therefore we will ALL will be alright

F. there is no god / heaven or hell .. and so therefore eat / drink and be merry for tomorrow we die

G. John 1:12 .. to as many who have RECEIVED him .. to THEM he gave the right to become Children of God

H. LORD: I know that I am a sinner .. especially when I compare my life to the life of your son Jesus

I. I believe that you sent Jesus to pay the price that I owe to satisify your justice

J. I believe that Jesus is the only way / the truth and the life and humbly submit my will to his will

K. I believe the Bible was written by man (only) and therefore needs no attention from me

L. I thank you God for every breath and every heartbeat / every sunrise and sunset I have experienced and will spend all my days allowing your son to live his life through mine

M. I live in constant expectation of the promise of God's son's return to the earth and to hear his words to me .. "well done .. good and faithful servant . . . ENTER into the joy of the Lord"

N. If I EVER hear another knock on my door by someone wanting to enter my house and hand me pamplets about their freakn church . . . I will scream and call the police

O. I just want to learn more about God's word by someone who actually knows what they're talking about and not be always be begging me for money .... sheeeze !! ... and no.. I DO NOT want to buy some stupid prayer cloth

P. I want NOTHING to do w/ God / Christians and or the Bible . . . my friends and family are MUCH more important to me and would cast me out .. and it is THEY I plan to party in Hell with .. not interested in learning how to play a freakn harp

Q. My Life has been so bad .. I have done SO MUCH wrong that God could NEVER forgive me and am suprized he has not struck me down by now

R. I went to a church a while back and saw someone there who I nkow to be a horrible sinner . . . WHAT A HYPOCRITE !! .. I never went back .... religion is a fraud

S. I believe that mankind is growing smarter and wiser and will soon reach a new level of spiritual understanding .... FINALLY we will just all learn how to get along . . . pass the pepsi please

T. I got my Facebook / Twitter / my government check / a couple bowels of pot and a glass of wine / got me my bitch on the couch / my big-screen-TV / bag full of chips and a good soap-opera goin on .... WHAT MORE DO I NEED ????? .... life is ALL ABOUT the here and now . . . I'll deal w/ eternal life when I come to that bridge

U. I just found out I have a bad form of cancer . . . . I now am scared to death .. what do I need to focus on going forward from here ..... I'm listening

V. I am a saved individual according to the Word of God (NT Bible) and living my life as He sees fit . . . EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY .. and am busy storing treasures in Heaven .. thank you very much

W. whatever will be will be .. Que sera .. sera

X. I plan on taking the Word of God to as many people as I possibly can .. show them the fire escape and where to find eternal life

Y. salvation means keeping ALL the 10 commandments .. which I have done from my birth

Z. feel free to add your own statements and ammendments . . . Aa Ba Ca . . . thank you for your time ..... dadman

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Well, this doesn't make any sense, but it seems you don't really care how other people live their life, so good for you.

Salvation is a relationship with Jesus. We are screwed otherwise.

dadman(1703) Clarified
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what "Jesus" are you speaking of .... the Jesus according to the scripture ??

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There is only one Jesus, you figure it out. .

It means not being an asshole about religion like conservative Christians usually are. ;)

AngryGenX(463) Disputed
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So much anger at those who take their faith seriously and try to spread the truth of your own religion without apology. Their is so much conflict between your religion and your beliefs I don't even know where to begin. Mine are one in the same.

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I have no problem with Christians who act like Christi. My problem is with the religicrites. I suggest that you dont judge people when you know nothing about them. You dont know what Ive been through, so kindly back off.

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It's what happens when you read and follow what the bible says.

You begin to drool, due to retardation that you've afflicted upon yourself.

No one was there to have witnessed what had occurred in the Garden of Eden, therefore, the salvation part is skeptical.