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Language Grade Level uses the Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level formula.

Debate Statistics for The problem with religion.
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Side scores:
The ONLY problem? : 2

Wait..., what? No!!!! : 2

Total arguments:
The ONLY problem? : 1

Wait..., what? No!!!! : 2

Word lengths:
The ONLY problem? : 4.77 ave

Wait..., what? No!!!! : 4.64 ave

Language grade level:
Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level
The ONLY problem? : 12th

Wait..., what? No!!!! : 11th

Vocabulary overlap:
The ONLY problem?

Wait..., what? No!!!!

Total words used:
The ONLY problem? : 260

Wait..., what? No!!!! : 103

Word frequencies:
always  another  any  books  claim  closemindedness  common  course  don't  every  fact  far  five  gods  gone  heedbut  hell  here  hope  indeed  invented  links  list  manifold  most  nature  nor  patience  problem  problemi  problems  problemthe  proofs  proven  reason  religion  religions  religionthe  religious  science  stillas  supply  support  take  themselves  times  too  world  yet  zealots