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American_boy's Reward Points: 646

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument What would a fair society look like?
1 Added Argument Should the government legalize medicinal marijuana for ALL states?
0 Added Argument Bronto fiddled his fanny like a tapdancing hootinanny shinanegan pants
3 Created Debate It’s your favorite American_Boy
1 Added Argument Why can't they see us?
1 Added Argument Most protesters are just serving self interests and politics, not noble causes
2 Added Argument Democrat women seem to get attacked a lot. They should carry guns.
1 Added Argument SHOULD Kavanaugh be confirmed because the Democrats are very bad people??
1 High Rated Argument Is the world getting more polluted?
1 Added Argument Do you love Canada or are you with Trump?
1 Added Argument My message to Richard Spencer
1 Added Argument NFL Players considering sitting out the season "Until Colon Stupidnick Is Signed"
0 Added Argument Veterans Group Blasts Trump’s Memorial Day Remark As ‘Most Inappropriate’ Ever
1 Added Argument Which do you fear more? A mass killer with a gun, or a drunk driver behind the wheel?
1 Added Argument My Cat Caught A Bird, Should I Let It Free Or Let Her Kill It?
1 Added Argument If Vader, Dooku and Maul team battled Sidious, would Sidious beat all of them?
1 Added Argument Why Is American Culture So Shallow?
1 Added Argument Santa Fe survivor and CNN challenge Nancy Pelosi on Armed Guards
1 Added Argument Do you know what a food desert is? Do you have one in your town?
1 Added Argument UK VS USA
1 Added Argument Should Parents or Fast-Food Restaurants Be Blamed For Growth in Obesity
1 Added Argument Prove God does NOT exist!
1 Added Argument God on transexuality
0 Added Argument Does Dermot Know Which Planet He Lives On?

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