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ChadOnSunday's Reward Points: 1837

Points When What Where
7 High Rated Argument Anime
0 High Rated Argument Women are too dumb to run society
1 Added Argument I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body .. which restroom ?
1 Added Argument What does Atheism mean to you?
4 Created Debate Why is the last day of the weekEND the FIRST day of the week?
1 Added Argument Shouls Racism be Considered a Mental Illness?
1 Added Argument Atheism: The Lack of Belief in a God, or the Belief in the Lack of a God
1 Added Argument Do you think people should respect religion more than they do?
1 Added Argument What do you say to a woman who thinks like this?
1 Added Argument Is video game addiction a real problem?
0 Added Argument The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You Will Ever Read!
1 Added Argument If God predestined all our lives how do we have free will?
1 Added Argument Can you stomach this?
2 Added Argument Gays CANNOT consummate their marriage.
1 Added Argument Should public schools have Bible classes?
1 Added Argument Is homosexuality wrong?
1 Added Argument Should public schools have Bible classes?
1 Added Argument Opinion of people with adhd.
1 Added Argument The media offers a biased outlook on events
1 Added Argument Should public schools have a prayer room?
1 Added Argument Has this ever happened to you?
1 Added Argument SPOTLIGHT SERIES - Ashman
1 Added Argument Does sex feel better for men or women?
10 Added Argument English People are Cleverer than Americans

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