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CodeRed's Reward Points: 18

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Things that need to be kicked out from society
1 Added Argument Who the hell is Ismaila?
1 Added Argument Anarchy can work
2 Added Argument Should Marijuana be legal?
1 Added Argument Corporations do More Harm to Society Than Good.
1 Added Argument America vs Britain
1 Added Argument How many uses can you think of for this stuff?
1 Added Argument Canada??
1 Added Argument Will world war 3 be on water?
5 Created Debate Are there really such things as "facts"?
1 Added Argument if you se a opertunatey to make money should you take it
1 Added Argument what would you judge a person on? appearance or personality?
0 Added Argument Question everything, even God Himself.
1 Added Argument Is school good or bad

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