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GoodListener's Reward Points: 616

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Can we all respect a truce just for today and tomorrow?
1 Added Argument What is your opinion about casinos on the reservation?
1 Added Argument Does wealth and social status equate to superiority in a darwinian sense?
1 Added Argument Why are you still complaining about Trump?
0 Added Argument Is it possible to keep husband happy always ?
3 Added Argument Should Palestinians give up the fight and build casinos?
5 Created Debate Merry Christmas you dirty trolls
1 Added Argument I have been vetted not to have colluded with the Russians.
1 Added Argument Will future human beings have no hair?
3 Added Argument Is the UN antisemitic?
0 Added Argument The Satanic GOP
1 Added Argument Kill the rapist, not the victim's baby.

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