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Grenache's Reward Points: 6053

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Are gays born that way?
1 Added Argument Is Trump human?
1 Added Argument Is colonization right or wrong?
2 Added Argument Thoughts on Young Adult 'YouTube' Political Activists?
0 Added Argument When I was a wee lad Nom sucked my weenie
1 Added Argument Does a Christian or other religious buiness owner have the right to refuse service?
3 Added Argument Can White men jump?
2 Added Argument Trump sends military to Mexican border, what say you?
1 Added Argument The madness of sanctuary stupidity
1 Added Argument Is God justice?
1 Added Argument What if someone never hears the Gospel?
1 Added Argument What is a democratic socialist?
1 Added Argument Is eating meat unethical?
1 Added Argument My min pin chihuahua chases my pitbull, pitbull chases my cat, my cat chases chihuahua
2 Added Argument DNC Vice Chair suggests it's time Democrats push "To Repeal The Second Amendment"
1 Added Argument Why don't we all have electric cars?
1 Added Argument Should a person who has a service animal have to prove the necessity for it?
1 Added Argument School Shootings: The 'Elephant in the Room'
1 Added Argument Man exposes himself to child in "Target Women's Bathroom"
0 Added Argument There Is Only One Type Of Person Who Capitalizes Every Word Of Their Debates
1 Added Argument Beware debate sites like debate Island , it’s appalling
1 Added Argument Should colleges punish students who sing songs?
1 Added Argument Left doesn't want to know if you're a citizen but if you slept with pornstars
1 Added Argument Do you value embryos/fetuses equally to living people?

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