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GuitarGuy's Reward Points: 6096

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Should SeaWorld be forced to release their whales?
1 Added Argument Hillary & Michelle Obama say they don't know men who talked like Trump. HELLO? BILL?
1 Added Argument Hillary was for Iraq war. She is tied to rich Bank donors. She's what Liberals hate!
1 Added Argument Is Trump truly racist?
1 Added Argument CNN is corrupt...
1 Added Argument Is social media a productive platform for political discourse?
2 Added Argument CNN is corrupt...
1 Added Argument Are the qualifications for President based on personality? Or is it to get the job done?
1 Added Argument $1000 for yourself or $100 each for others?
1 Added Argument What is more important to you? Truth or Happiness?
5 Added Argument Trump Vs Clinton Debate 2 - Who Won?
1 High Rated Argument Why was Dana let back?

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