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HighFalutin's Reward Points: 3252

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is Cancel Culture incompatible with The Party of Inclusivity?
2 Added Argument What is inevitable with standard Left-Wing maladministrations, such as Biden's?
1 Added Argument As a poor socialist do you believe in the fairer distribution of wealth?
1 Added Argument Who hates who the most? The libs hating right wingers, or right wingers hating the libs?
2 Added Argument 5 years of the left wanting Trump's taxes and Biden owes $500,000
1 Added Argument Whitey came to the New World and set up a system of laws that put and kept them in power.
1 Added Argument What's the point in having a ''Titular'' President?
1 Added Argument Now That We have been almost 2 years into this new president, do you like it?
1 Added Argument Should the unvaxed who cause death by infection to others be charged with murder
1 Added Argument Why all the hype over Meghan and Prince Harry?
1 Added Argument Remember when the left said the future fascists would try to mandate vaccines?
1 Added Argument What is it about the U.S, and The U.K., that attracts the world's low-lives?
1 Added Argument White Democrats eggs black man while wearing monkey suit
1 Added Argument Why are people blaming the U.S, for the Taliban and Sharia Law back in Afghanistan?
1 Added Argument Media using stealth edits to change provably false headlines of Covid-19
1 Added Argument Why are the DImocrats calling for a voting system which further promotes fraud?
2 Added Argument Would you stay at home & get paid more than going to work, or go to work?
2 Added Argument Go woke go broke. That includes America the nation
2 Added Argument Police Officers sue Trump and far right alleging Capitol attack was terrorism, WAS IT?
1 Added Argument How do you react when in a public place you see someone unmasked?
1 Added Argument Should community college be free?
1 Added Argument Yeah, it's another goddamn Afghanistan rant.
2 Added Argument Is this an opportunity for the santimonious to display feigned humanitarianism?
1 Added Argument For Fox Sake. Media blaming the U. S. for the Taliban forcing girls to marry.

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