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Jungelson's Reward Points: 3955

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument If u didn't mask up when 80,000 people died of flu in 2018, are you a hypocrite?
1 Added Argument How do you feel about Obama killing Grandmas at his party?
3 Added Argument Why were the Afghans not clambering onto the planes during the Russian withdrawal?
1 High Rated Argument Is Religion a Rational Belief to Have?
1 Added Argument If CD shuts down - the person with the most points wins
5 Created Debate Is Addlt still around..?
1 Added Argument Do you love Jesus?
1 Added Argument My recent brush with history
0 Added Argument Human suffering makes my cock so horny
1 Added Argument You guys and gals, are very special, to me. :)
2 Added Argument Also - I miss all the oldschool guys :(
5 Created Debate Also - I miss all the oldschool guys :(
1 Added Argument Why do people debate..?
5 Created Debate Why do people debate..?
-1 Downvoted Argument Do you love Jesus?
1 Added Argument Can you Send Money from Paypal to Cash app | Send Money to Cash App from Paypal
1 Added Argument Do You Believe There Is Any Form Of Life After Death?
1 Added Argument Hello Friends
0 Added Argument This site is less boring than CD
4 Created Debate Hello Friends
1 Added Argument If they take 3/4 of my paycheck to give me free healthcare, is it free?
1 Added Argument LOL. Watch This And Discover Just How Stupid American Republicans Are!
1 Added Argument Is it okay to report students who constantly cheat on tests and quizzes?
1 Added Argument If the left is going commie, WHY does the orangeman EMBRACE the commie PUTIN?

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