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KillerBee's Reward Points: 480

Points When What Where
3 Created Debate Do you think we change this site a little for people to come here?
0 Added Argument Prodigee has founded a new religion.
5 Created Debate Should this site change?
5 Created Debate Does everything have a natural cause?
1 Added Argument Which end of the banana do you peel from?
1 Added Argument If a 17 year old kills someone with his parents' permission, who's to blame?
1 Added Argument Wanna' be allies?
1 Added Argument Is Lost better than The Walking Dead?
1 Added Argument Is Hellno being a jerk?
5 Created Debate Has Obama Gone Too Far With His Drone Policies?
0 Added Argument Does this sound like me? ;)
1 Added Argument Americans - Why does America have bad economy?

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