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MegaDittos's Reward Points: 571

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Consumers should not purchase SUVs
1 Added Argument Harsher Punishments for Hate Crimes
0 Added Argument Do the homeless choose to be homeless and poor?
1 Added Argument Parents need to give their children incentives to develop properly.
1 Added Argument Would the US be morally justified in assasinating world leaders?
1 Added Argument Why Do People Hate America???
1 Added Argument Are new body scans at airports an intrusion of privacy or priority for security
4 Added Argument Should the Fair Tax be instituted as the tax system?
1 Added Argument Should Plastic Surgery Be Banned In General?
1 Added Argument Is government hypocritical to ban private gambling yet promote state lotteries?
1 Added Argument The U.S. has a Bill of Rights but what we really need is a Bill of Wrongs
2 Added Argument Should they ban violent video games?

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